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 About Us

We retired to a Smallholding!!!!  We knew life would be busy, especally when the land you buy needs lots of love and attention!

Shortly after our arrival - within the first year - our neighbour asked if we would like to buy 110 acres.  We knew that we could not afford all of it, so bought what we could.  From smallholding to small farmer at the stroke of a pen!!!!!

Hunting became restricted in Scotland and in England the Ban was just coming in.  We felt very strongly about People's Rights and the way people have lived for centuries which in our view should not be interupted.

My husband and I felt we needed to try and support people working in all aspect of hunting, fishing, shooting and farming - so heads together - over a good evening meal and debated as to what we should do if we had a website, which resulted in the purchase of the domain name and it was over to me to develop a website.

Back in the office - things moved slowly as Foxhunting people were keeping their heads down.  My husband's forte is writing so he decided to write articles in support of hunting and to try and make people think.  As you will see he has written many articles and had several published. 

IT has never been Douglas's area and focused on hunting and left the website and it's development to me.  

In 2010 Eastern Europe responded quickly....and the USA and Canada followed....  life was certainly not dull.

Christmas 2010 we were snowed in so it was mince and potatoes for Christmas Dinner and the freezer had decided to stop working the day after the snow came!

2011 saw Australia and New Zealand start to take notice and is continuing to increase all the time. 

Unfortunately Douglas's health had started to decline, but he continued his writing.  At Christmas he decided it was time not to visit our stables anymore which are situated at the bottom of our garden.

In June 2012 a very large gap appeared where Douglas used to frequently.  For all those who knew him he is very sadly missed.

I hope Douglas is watching and is happy in the way my business continues to expand.

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