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 British Tradtional Field Sports Portal ... moving on to International and Global Portal

From going on-line over 5 years ago, we have felt that people working in a rural setting should be assisted in trying to improving their incomes.

OUR AIM has remained the same, trying to help promote business in rural activities.

Our webpages have now spread far and wide, as we are now very much international, and see our global vision not being too far away!

Anyone working in a rural activity, whether in farming, fishing, hunting or shooting, have been eligable for a FREE WEBPAGE.

More recently we have added Specialist Sections for any Website how offers: Accommodation (B&B, Camping, Hotels or Log Cabins); County Fairs (including Agricultural and Game Fairs); an Educational componant (from Fishing to Sheep Dog Training); and Other Activities (Water sports of various kinds);

Once there is an interest shown in a specific area, we would are happy to add an further Section relating to them.


We have recently updated our website to allow suppliers to advertise their goods further by purchasing a Banner on our Homepage, and or, their specific specialist Section.


We are now able to offer Banners to Suppliers and Organisations.

We are offering 2 types of Banners.

Premium Banners for the Homepage + Menu Bar+ Their Section at £40.00 GBP per annum.

Standard Banners for your Speciality page only for £25.00 GBP per annum.

Any additional Section would be £10.00 per Section

Please contact for further information.

British Traditional Field Sports has now developed into an International reference directory, offering a portal to rural activities, associated with hunting, fishing, shooting and farming and have now incorporated Accommodation, Country Fairs, Educational Websites and Other Activities in country persuits, as categories.

Initially a local reference, focusing on the UK, we have now expanded to attract associations, clubs, companies, incorporates and organisations from many countries around the world.

We would be happy to hear from you, if you are specifically linked to any aspects of country activities and would like to have a Free Webpage.


We give a Free Webpage in return for a Link to your Website. We prepare your Free Webpage FREE OF CHARGE.

So, don't delay if you are interested in a FREE WEBPAGE please CONTACT:


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