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 Introducing BANNERS to our Website

In the Office we had no idea the response we would get from people around the world. 

Map.  As you will see from our "Map" there are lots of pointers indicating where people are and what the do.

National to International.  We have certainly moved from a national website into an International market .... now working towards Global in the next few years.

Banners.  We have launched the opporutnity for associations, clubs, companies, corporates and orgnaisations to purchase, for a small fee a Banner on our Website.

We have two types of Banners, a Premium Banner and a Section Banner.

The Premium Banner is show on the Homepage and also in your Section.

The Section Banner will show only in your Section of the Website.

Costs:  Premium Banner £35.00 GBP per year, paid by PayPals.

Section Banner £25.00 GBP per year, paid by PayPals.

If you are interesting in purchase one of the Banners on our Website please contact us at


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