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 About Us - Updated

As we mentioned previously, way back in 2008 we retired to a Smallholding, which expanded and we now have the bug for farming.

Our property is currently on the market and we wnt to move to a larger farm.

Our Livestock has grown, with 30 Lleyn Sheep,2 Herwick Ewes and 4 Belted Galloway Fiefers and 1 bull.

Our first lambing was very successful, thantks to Shaun our Lleyn Ram.  It was hard work but very rewarding.  We will keep all our young girls, along with 2 ram/lambs, which we will use to start another blood line.  The other boys being sold for breeding stock.

Our Herdwick eves (Holly and Heidi) are still too young to breed from.  This breed lives to around 15 years old, so it is better to leave them to nature before starting to breed from them.  They are not prelific breeders.  This year we will start to look for a Ram for them and try and buy more ewes.  As Herdwicks are on the Endangered Species List, they are difficult to find, and there are few breeders.

Farming as a lifestyle does make ypy get up as you have animals to feed and care for. One other daily task is to walk the fields checking the fences are in tack.  Perfect fences makes live easier!

Our Pets.  We now only have 2 horses our English Registered Thoroughbred and Clydesda.  Both 18 hands and 6 years old.  Still very young in horse age these days.

Our dogs are both rescue.  Dear old Bailey, a delight and such a social charter.  He must be at least 12 years old.  Such a pet.  Our latest arival is Spice a long haired Fox Terrier.  A bit of a handful at first and is now settleing in nicely.  An excellent guard dog and loves his daily cuddles.

Margaret Steen

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